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  • The Invisible Border


    In the not so distant future, a renown scientist and inexperienced astronaut has beaten the odds and successfully returned home from an unprecedented solo space mission. During her first exclusive interview, the crucial importance of her journey and its emotional impact on her views of humanity a...

  • Penumbra


    The story of two addicts: a sober cop and a cocaine-loving artist, whose past history and addictions cause their lives to intersect. A tragic event will set both of them on a path that will challenge everything that they know and love.

    Chelsea Film Festival - Best Screenplay winner.
    IndieWire P...

  • Just a Prayer


    “Just A Prayer” is about Anita, a Muslim woman who seems to have everything, but who is deeply dissatisfied with her life and the path she sees ahead of herself. She makes a major decision that she believes will bring her happiness and opportunity, but that only brings her unexpected regret. Anit...

  • Chromo46


    In the age of information, Tessa Davidson is concerned about what a major corporation is doing with our data, despite their assurances that it's all completely benign.

    Awards of Merit - Southern Shorts Awards
    Silver Remi Winner - Houston WorldFest
    Honorable Mention - Los Angeles Movie Awards

  • Lost Canyon

    1 season

    Short Film Trilogy that includes:

    Lost Family: A tight-knit Irish Catholic family is threatened to be torn apart when secrets and bad decisions come to light. The first installment of the Lost Canyon series.
    Lost Canyon: A normally by-the-books detective crosses the line when her family is at ri...

  • Letters to Daniel


    Best friends set out to conquer Hollywood but are ambushed when Amy suffers a breakdown and is diagnosed with bipolar disorder.