4 Episodes

The story of a girl who was under the spotlight, but who ends up under a mountain of problems. An intrigue widely inspired from the life of author and lead actress, Xin Wang.

(Chinese and French language with English Subtitles)

  • Ex-Model - S01E01

    Spotted at 18 years old by a model scout, XinXin leaves China to pursue her dream: becoming a model in Paris. Though, reality is far different from what she imagined… XinXin’s life is a succession of crazy, funny, awkward moments passing so fast she soon becomes an Ex-Model.

  • Ex-Model S01E02

    Too old for the Fashion industry, although she is not yet 30 years old, XinXin is dropped by her agency and replaced by a new Chinese model in Paris: LiuLiu…

  • Ex-Model S01E03

    Episode 3

    Lola and XinXin have been at war ever since they first met. When they realize they have a common enemy, their relationship change for the better.

  • Ex-Model S01E04

    Episode 4

    XinXin is bewildered to find out that the money she makes in the fashion industry does not necessarily end up in her bank account. This legal ripoff is called “fees” and she learns what it means the hard way.