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Lost Jen

Lost Jen

8 Episodes

In a post-covid world, "Lost Jen" follows a millennial struggling to make ends meet, with the help of her retired boomer father's outdated advice, as they face eviction and the search for employment in a tanking economy.

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Lost Jen
  • Lost Jen - Episode One

    Episode 1

    In episode one, we meet Jen and Lenny, daughter and father duo being evicted in 30 days.

  • Lost Jen - Episode Two

    This episode follows Jen as she deals with job hunting and a career coach. Special guest is the JOB FATHER himself.

    You can't make this stuff up. All true regarding the career coach which is a compilation of multiple career coaches.

  • Lost Jen - Episode Three

    In this episode, Jen is hunting for a room to rent and texts her friend Laura that the solution to her problem is to live with a boyfriend. Problem is, she doesn't have one... yet!

  • Lost Jen - Episode Four

    In this episode, Jen meets her online friend Ron, for the first time, at Pepper on the Side, a local Brampton Caribbean restaurant.

  • Lost Jen - Episode Five

    In this episode, Lenny is back from pounding the pavement his own way trying to get a job. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful, but Jen offers to help him. Whether he wants to take the help is up to him.

  • Lost Jen - Episode Six

    In this episode, Jen tries to brainstorm ideas for freelancing in order to make some quick dollars. While talking to her friend Laura, she realizes she may be a failure at life.

  • Lost Jen - Episode Seven

    Jen rediscovers manifestation and realizes she has no one to talk to about her illness.

  • Lost Jen - Episode 8