Sketchy Beavers

Sketchy Beavers

14 Episodes

Sketchy Beavers is a sketch comedy duo, Susan Serrao and Jamie Matchullis, who create sketches from the Canadian female perspective. Sometimes sketchy, sometime primitive, always funny!

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Sketchy Beavers
  • Tight Squeeze

    Episode 1

    Already late for her meeting, Jessica sees that her driver side door is blocked by a parked car. As the driver will not move, she struggles to find entrance to her vehicle in an effort to salvage any chance of making her meeting.

  • Eau de Water

    Episode 2

    How far will Cheryl go to appear unique and boutique to her friend Rebecca?

  • Mommy's Night Out

    Episode 3

    It's Bre's birthday. Carley, Alison and Bre have the night off! No kids,
    no cleaning, nothing. It's time for the moms to go out! Or is it? Let's see...

  • Gracefully Grey

    Episode 4

    Karen notices a grey hair. Then more. And more. This cannot be
    happening to her! What will her friend Jasmine think of her grey hair solution?

  • Buzz Bank

    Episode 5

    After a run, Julie and Kim catch up on some girl talk. Kim has to fill
    Julie in on some slang which leads to an embarrassing reveal. Who's
    in your buzz bank?

  • #nocovidjudgement

    Episode 6

    Alexa's intention to prepare and eat a healthy meal for one gets put on the back burner when she starts to binge Outlander, and her other vices. Everyone has day drinking and junk food eating moments though, right? Is this destructive behaviour due to Covid isolation?

  • Dish Graveyard

    Stacie is craving cookies! What could possibly stop her from making the perfect cookie? (Make sure to watch after the credits too!)

  • Covid Hookup

    Hooking up in a public place is thrilling for Sam and Jenn. How does the Covid pandemic affect the game of hooking up, besides vacant public spaces?

  • Lockdown Sexual Health

    Covid lockdowns and false starts have been a sexual tease for our single citizens. This update focuses on their sexual health and how we can best support safe sex practises in these pent-up stressful times.

  • Sound the Alarm

    Ever wonder what it's like on the other side of a telemarketing call?
    It's Tina's first day at the call center (back when this job was done by
    humans!). She's trained, confident and has her trusted manual to
    guide her. What could go wrong?


    Naomi and Robyn are so excited to go out on the town for the first time
    since the restrictions have been lifted. Naomi is almost ready to go,
    but a new fashion faux pas seems to be triggering. Can anyone

  • Pushing Buttons

    Episode 12

    Has anyone ever pushed your buttons? A stranger perhaps? Or
    maybe you've pushed their buttons. On purpose. For fun.

  • Bubble Bitches

    Remember the summer of 2020? The beginning of COVID living. What did you accomplish? What gifts did you receive from the universe? That was the summer of "personal bubbles". Who was in your bubble?
    In this sketch, some friends get together post covid (the first time!)
    to catch up. The COVID break...

  • Pollen

    Ever wonder why bees really collect pollen? Maybe it's not just a job. Maybe it's not just for survival. Maybe pollination is much more exciting than we ever expected. Join Nector Nancy and her kick ass crew for an inside look into this fascinating beehaviour.