Venice the Series - Seasons 1 and 2 FREE!

Venice the Series - Seasons 1 and 2 FREE!

2 Seasons

Venice the Series centers on the life of Gina Brogno – a single, gay, successful interior designer, living, loving and working in Venice Beach, California. It tells a diverse story through her family, friends and professional life.

NOTE: Only S1 & 2 are available for free or are part of the subscription. S3-4 available for rental or purchase and S5 & 6 available for purchase only.

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Venice the Series - Seasons 1 and 2 FREE!
  • Venice the Series - S1 E1

    Episode 1

    The web series premiere of Venice begins as we follow the path of discarded clothes to bed finding Gina and Ani (Crystal Chappell & Jessica Leccia) sharing a sensual morning after spending the night together. It is apparent that these two obviously have shared an intimate, emotional and troubled ...

  • Venice the Series - S1 E2

    Episode 2

    Episode 2 of the Venice web series finds Gina (Crystal Chappell), an interior designer and her assistant, Michele (Michelle Carter) are discussing Gina's schedule while drinking coffee and checking designs.

    Guya (Hillary B Smith) finds herself in the home of Katherine (Tina Sloan) who is in ne...

  • Venice the Series / S1 E3

    Episode 3

    As the season continues of this web series, Gina (Crystal Chappell) is negotiating a new contract to decorate a hotel with Alan (Michael Sabatino) and his associate Tracy (Lesli Kay) with Michele (Michelle Carter) in tow.
    The negotiations seem to be at a stalemate until Gina throws in her ace th...

  • Venice the Series S1 E4

    Episode 4

    Episode 4 of this web series starts as a serious Guya (Hillary B Smith) is visiting Gina (Crystal Chappell) and Owens's (Galen Gering) distant father, the Colonel (Jordan Clarke). She insists that he try and spend time with his kids and get to know them as his late wife, Kate, would want. He is ...

  • Venice the Series S1 E5

    Episode 5

    The season of Venice the web series continues as Gina (Crystal Chappell) and Owen (Galen Gering) work out at the gym while Gina tries to get date advice. The phone interrupts them and Gina is surprised to hear the Colonel's (Jordan Clarke) voice inviting her to have brunch. She resists at first, ...

  • Venice the Series S1 E7

    Episode 7

    The drama continues of Venice the web series as Gina (Crystal Chappell) is sitting on the beach deep in thought and is surprised when Ani (Jessica Leccia) walks up to check on her after receiving her call. Gina explains that she needed someone to talk to and relives the brunch at the Colonel's. A...

  • Venice the Series S1 E8

    Episode 8

    Episode 8 of the Venice web series begins as Ani (Jessica Leccia) answers the phone and finds Gina (Crystal Chappell) on the other end explaining that she needed to hear her voice and misses her. Ani again emphasizes that she needs for Gina to give her space and to let her go. It is very emotiona...

  • Venice the Series S1 E9

    Episode 9

    As episode 9 unfolds of Venice the web series, Ani (Jessica Leccia), still off balance from her call with Gina (Crystal Chappell), is having a rough morning. A disheveled Ani enters the coffee shop and orders not realizing she doesn't have any cash. She meets a beautiful, very together writer, L...

  • Venice the Series S1 E10

    Episode 10

    The drama begins to heat up in Venice and this web series as we find Ani (Jessica Leccia) and Lara (Nadia Bjorlin) enjoying a private meal in an exclusive restaurant where Lara knows the Chef. The two share stories of their lives and childhoods including how they had chosen their careers and disc...

  • Venice the Series S1 E11

    The penultimate episode of Season 1 of Venice the web series begins with Gina (Crystal Chappell), Michele (Michelle Carter), Tracy (Lesli Kay) and Jamie (Harrison White) drink a toast to Owen (Galen Gering) who was just cast in a movie. The mood is light hearted until Owen sees Ani (Jessica Lecci...

  • Venice the Series S1 E12

    Episode 12

    The web series Season 1 finale of Venice starts as Gina (Crystal Chappell) and Tracy (Lesli Kay) become emotional and tearful while sitting on the beach discussing their relationship. Tracy admits that she is falling in love, but will not move forward if Gina is not all in. Tracy realizes that Gi...