The Eviction

The Eviction

7 Episodes

Based on way too many true stories. When a surprise eviction notice appears on their apartment door, a young couple gets creative as they try to hold on to their home and their dreams for their future. Home Alone meets the current housing market.

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The Eviction
  • The_Eviction_Episode1 The Notice

    Episode 1

    In the heart of East Van, a young couple, Anne (Julie Bruns) and Phoebe (Chelsey Moore) have just discovered an eviction notice taped to the door of their apartment. With the potential loss of their home looming, and rental prices soaring higher than ever, their plans and dreams for the future ar...

  • The_Eviction_Episode 2 The Showing

    Episode 2

    With the first showing of their apartment, the loss of their home is becoming alarmingly real, but an irritating evaluation of their home by a potential buyer gives them an idea so off-the wall, it just might work…

  • The_Eviction_Episode 3 The Scheme

    Episode 3

    Phoebe and Anne have a zany plot that just might work, enlisting friends and neighbours as they bring Home Alone depths of ingenuity to their dilemma. Now if only they can pull it off.

  • The_Eviction_Episode 4 Welcome to our Home

    Episode 4

    The apartment viewings begin in earnest, and Phoebe and Anne are ready for them with Home Alone-level hijinks. But will it be enough?

  • The_Eviction_Episode 5 Ratt Damon

    Episode 5

    As the landlord's suspicions grow, Phoebe and Anne need to find a Hail Mary solution - and a very cute one unexpectedly shows up. What could go wrong?

  • The_Eviction_Episode 6 The coziest spot in all of Vancouver

    Episode 6

    With the latest buyers more serious than ever, Phoebe and Anne attempt their most ambitious gambit yet. But this time, the jig might be up.

  • The_Eviction_Episode 7 This is the end

    Episode 7

    Reeling from the events of the last viewing, Phoebe and Anne reflect upon what their lives might hold.